Well I suppose no respectable news source is going to cover a film festival that asks people to send in their peeping tom videos so I’ll just post the news release on here so any of your crazy friends can see it.


GRIMBROTHERS Entertainment

SHOCKING Short Film Competition Extends Deadline

LONDON, ONTARIO, March 4  –  The Short Shock Film Festival is looking for the most vile and disgusting film makers in the world. With the Shock Stock audiences, the ideas of taboo and offensiveness are given the back seat to uninhibited entertainment and only the bold and brazen need apply.

Now in it’s third year, the Short Shock Film Festival has recognized short films from across North America for aspects that would normally get them removed from other mainstream film festivals and competitions.

“It’s not that hard to do.. ” explains Vagrancy Films curator and Shock Stock Co-Organizer James Bialkowski. “We don’t even look at the technical end of the films. We just want something that will get a rise from our crowds.”

And the crowds do rise indeed. Films featuring blood, sex, racism, toilets, and other poor ideals are praised at the convention and met with loud cheers and applause. Film makers are encouraged to attempt to revolt the crowds, but that hasn’t happened yet.

One fan sums it up perfectly: “We’re a bunch of Gore-Lords and freaks. Show us something crazy and we go crazy!”

The Short Shock Film competition has very few rules: Your film must be short; and your film must be shocking. The regular deadline for entries is March 1st but in light of the growing convention and the increase in demand for more shocking films; the deadline has been extended until midnight, April 1st, 2012.

“We’re hoping to see some real groundbreaking stuff..” Jake Grimbrother, the festival’s curator jokingly explains “We’re expecting one day to get someones peeping tom video or some sort of unlabelled VHS of real death footage and, if we’re legally cleared for it, we’ll probably play it!”.

The Short Shock Film Festival is on Friday, April 13th, 2012 at Centennial Hall in London as part of the Shock Stock Weekend Subculture Celebration and VHS Tape Swap. The convention this year has added a second screening room and is welcoming film submissions of any length as well. Details can be found at


Founded in 2002, GRIMBROTHERS Entertainment was originally established in London Ontario as a multimedia promotion and production company with focus on film and digital post-production. In 2011 the company paired with theatrical promoters Vagrancy Films to organize SHOCK STOCK, Canada’s only convention dedicated entirely to horror, exploitation, and VHS.


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  1. #1sawfan says:

    I’m submitting a Skype video that I record on my 1phone that sees “Bringum back greg the intern!”

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