Fur mop flip flops

Well, this weekend was Rocco’s birthday party and Jake had me meet him at his house before hand to “handle some ho” .. Turns out he invited a lady of the night over to strip down and pose for photos with one of Bob’s T shirts … What he didn’t tell me was that I had to hold the light and it burned my hands. I wanted to use the light stand but he said the photos didn’t look right so I persevered. The lady must not have been doing it right either because half way through the shoot he took the lady over his knee and gave her a hard spanking!

After I iced my hands for about 20 mins, James said it was time to hit Rocco’s party. I went to get my shoes but Jake stopped me.
“You ain’t goin to the party, nerd.” he said sharply.
“This shits gotta get cleaned and dried before my wife gets home”

Jake then handed me a bottle of talc and proceeded to push me into the wet fur blankets where I was forced to dry and clean all the soiled fur while the Vagrants left with their “low on gas lady of the night” to the party of a lifetime…

I can’t wait to be accepted into the club.

About Greg The Intern

I am a volunteer for shock stock. I think its the best job in the world.
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