Feb 13th… right around the corner…

Kids, freaks, and everyone in between…

Just a little over 2 months till the weekend to end all weekends. SHOCK STOCK 2012.

On Friday morning the website gets a major revamp with all the shit cleared up that we’ve been struggling with. All the guest lists, events, etc will be updated and ( hopefully) finalized, and also there may be a few surprises in store as well.

Rumors are floating about this and that, and yes, some are true. Mostly the one about Rocco making pornos and the one about Greg the Intern being a little bitch.

Also the shirts that have been on pre-sale through Ultimate Bob’s kijiji ads will be available to order on the site along with a few other treats that may pop up from time to time.

These next 2 months are gonna kill me but damn if the payout isn’t gonna be huge. HUGE!!!


Jake out.xoxo

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1 Response to Feb 13th… right around the corner…

  1. #1sawfan says:

    DIs update sux. More done by Greg. He actually knows how to connect with 2days yuth and doesn’t inappropriately use WOE.

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