Ari Lehman cancels

It sucks that Ari Lehman had to cancel for this years Shock Stock as we were all looking forward to rocking out with FIRSTJASON and getting to hang with an icon.
Unfortunately he had a conflict in his schedule that he couldnt get out of, but rest assured you haven’t heard the last of the first Jason Voorhees…

About Greg The Intern

I am a volunteer for shock stock. I think its the best job in the world.
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2 Responses to Ari Lehman cancels

  1. #1sawfan says:

    I’m really Xsitid 2 C Ari Lehman! I have the deformed teenager jason tattooed on my forearm and I thinks he rox! Wait..I jus red dis article -Wat de fuk?!

  2. #1sawfan says:

    Oh wel I still love the SHOCK STALK!!!!!!!!!!! C you there!

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