A Drunken Special Announcement!

Drunk as a skunk, trying to do a promo in the wake of Hedo Rick’s cancellation. His answering machine message is on there, as well as a couple messages for Rocco from some guy who peed on his floor ( ? )

Also, tonight at 9pm we announce a replacement guest!

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Hello, Maniacs!  Official Statement time.

We here at SHOCK STOCK bought out 95% of the Saturday Night closing performance of London’s own Iglesia Productions’ EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL here in London on April 12th so that all the WILD MAN pass holders would get to go, on us, and enjoy the show. Its gonna be a bloody good time!

But you know what could be even better? How bout SPLATTER ZONE tickets!

Thats right cool kids! We didn’t realize that in buying the whole show out, we also got our hands on some of those oh so gory SPLATTER ZONE TICKETS! And since we love giving everything back to you, the fans, the only sensible thing to do is have a contest !!

SO …

We’re going to give away SPLATTER ZONE UPGRADES to random WILD MAN pass holders who purchase their tickets online between right now and Friday, Feb. 28th. Winners will be announced on March 3rd. Winners will receive an upgrade to SPLATTER ZONE on ALL of their purchased WILD MAN passes ( so if you got 10 passes you’d win the upgrade for all 10 )

Already got your wild man pass(es) ? You’re already entered! Just wait for the announcement on our facebook page and on this blog site.

The easiest way to get a hold of them tickets if you haven’t already is through our sales site www.scumbags.ca

And WILD MAN PASSES are limited so act fast or lose your deluxe privileges and savings.

I gotta run, you gotta get your passes!

"hail to the king"

“hail to the king”



xoxo Jake ( scumbag #2 )

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Ginger Lynn NSFW #ss2014 Limited Edition Poster

Hey creeps!

In addition to the Evil Dead the Musical on Saturday night and the Scumbag Soiree on Friday, all WILD MAN deluxe ticket holders get a pair of limited edition mini posters designed by some of the crew’s favorite and most talented artists in the biz.

I got a treat for you if you wanna click the link below and get a preview of the new GINGER LYNN image created by #ss2014 guest and creator of CINEMA SEWER magazine Mr. Robin Bougie!




Enjoy your week, freaks! Dont forget these Shock Stock 2014 Deluxe WILD MAN tickets are extremely limited and save you BIG $$$!!! Buy yours today at www.scumbags.ca!

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The Devils that Disturb me, and the Angels that defeated them somehow…

Well its been a while and theres a bunch of shit that’s gone down.

That design contest for ANGEL AND THE BEASTS ? Earl Kess won with a wicked wicked design. It was a tough second with Josh Schafer so we decided instead to make 2 limited edition pre release covers for Cinema Wasteland.

And the real shit happened with that release. First some of the regular drunken delays that happen with everything at scumbag HQ, but then ol’ Jake’s Macbook, along with the main hard drive with the working files for ANGEL, got stolen outta the Walmart parking lot.

So yeah, all the work for ANGEL AND THE BEASTS that was done is gone, and all the source files for the SHOCK STOCK website went along with it. Thats honestly why the site ain’t live yet.

But it will be live again, rebuilt on Dreamweaver 4 from the ground up with the same horrible navigation and everything else… Should be up in a day or two I got me some Rockstars and cranking the Twisted Sister…


Vendors will have contracts. 

Hotel code will be live.

Tickets will be on sale ( including the special WILD MAN ticket which for the extra $20 will be VERY worth it. )

And thats that. I’ve got less than a month before my wife pops out baby #3 so lets have 2013 rock on till the end!


Everyone wanting to celebrate XXXmas in Scumbag style get your ass down to Hideaway Records and Bar here in London on December 11th for the SHOCK STOCK ANNUAL ‘SSXMAS SPECTACULAR’ with special guest ZACK WARD who you may remember from RE: Apocalypse or Freddy vs Jason but in the name of Greasy Xmas Holiday Parties we honor Zack for his integral role of the big bag freckle faced bully Scut Farkas from the classic A CHRISTMAS STORY!


Free admission, open to everyone 19+

Zack will be signing autographs from 6-9pm then after that he may just stick around for some Christmas cheers and Christmas Beers!

And don’t forget ROCCO CLAUS!! Prizes, fun, and see your SS pals a few months early.


What more could you want!??!!


See you all there and expect regular updates again now that I’ve gotten sober…. until next time!




* There will be a nominal fee for autographs

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CONTEST: Angel Poster Art Deadline tomorrow at midnight~!

Hey sickos the deadline to get your artwork to us is tomorrow at midnight so unless you wanna miss out you better get your ass in gear!

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CONTEST! Design a poster for a new release from Vagrant Video

Alrite all you computer-savvy weirdos out there, I got something to sink yer teeth into!

Vagrant Video is releasing their next Hi Def Suckfest in the fall, the long lost but soon to be notorious 1970s epic ANGEL AND THE BEASTS, and we need a few good freaks to come up with some art to sell this bad boy.

Heres the deal. First agree to the terms of the contest. If you submit an image and you don’t read the rules at the bottom of the page don’t cry to us. Then, take the pack of images HERE and put together something original and crazy. I know most of you haven’t seen this movie but it don’t matter. You got a shit load of original movie posters, lobby cards, and various international VHS boxes to look at to get a vibe for the flick. Also go with the synopsis that Bilo wrote for the screening we did in Toronto last month :

“A rich snobby husband and wife decide that the best way to ditch the old buzzard’s horny mistress is to toss her kozy kooch out of a flying plane. Too bad for them she grabbed a parachute and managed to land on an island alive..and still hot to trot! Too bad for her the island just happened to be a hide out of seedy scumbags who see this fallen angel as a gift from the gods, a gift that is theirs for the taking! Squirt out a weeks worth of leather clad bikers, machine guns and more cock flop this side of Bad Lieutenant make ANGEL AND THE BEASTS a rusty slice to your juggler ! A Red Hot, action packed, super spectacular shit kicker that make you forget every other movie ever made!!! “

Then depending on how many entries we get we’ll pick a winner. The way we choose ( or you choose ) will be decided when we know how many entries we’re getting.  The winner(s) shall receive :

  • A numbered limited edition VHS of ANGEL AND THE BEASTS with their credited artwork on the front cover
  • A copy of ANGEL AND THE BEASTS on DVD or Bluray ( their preference )
  • A full size theatrical ANGEL AND THE BEASTS poster of their own artwork
  • A credit on the DVD/ Bluray itself

Also, all submitted entries will be used on the DVD / Bluray in a slideshow as part of the extra features.


  1.  All ideas, materials, or suggestions submitted shall become the property of GRIMBROTHERS Entertainment ( GB Ent. ) and GB Ent. may use such ideas, materials, or suggestions in whole or in part at GB Ent.’s sole discretion. All communications and other materials (including without limitation unsolicited ideas, suggestions, or materials) you send to the Site or to GB Ent. by e-mail or otherwise are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of GB Ent. and may be used by GB Ent. for any proper purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to the submitter.
  2. All submissions must be original works. Do not submit copyrighted materials or copyrighted ideas. Please send only original pieces, and use the above design materials as reference only. Do not submit a collage of the original unaltered photographs.
  3. Images must either contain a title card for ANGEL and the BEASTS or leave subsequent space for a title.
  4. Space for a credit block will be used at the bottom of the image so try not to make it too busy or crowded as it will be covered on the movie poster.
  5. Finished work must be submitted in the following formats : Photoshop .PSD, .jpeg. .TIFF, .PNG, or .PDF
  6. Finished artwork must fill an image size of 13.5″ x 20″ at 300 dpi ( or 4050 x 6000 pixels)
  7. Submissions can be sent via email at info@shock-stock.com or by FTP. Info for uploading larger files via FTP available upon request by email above.
  8. Deadline for submitting is Aug 19th at 11:59 pm est.
  9. Do better than this piece of shit poster used in Toronto:REVUE-POSTER













Winners will be announced shortly after contests closing. Thanks everyone

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Shock Stock 2014 Already coming together… I had to tear down the old site and I posted a placeholder with a new countdown clock real fancy like.

I’m so proud of myself.

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