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A Drunken Special Announcement!

Drunk as a skunk, trying to do a promo in the wake of Hedo Rick’s cancellation. His answering machine message is on there, as well as a couple messages for Rocco from some guy who peed on his floor ( … Continue reading

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Hello, Maniacs!  Official Statement time. We here at SHOCK STOCK bought out 95% of the Saturday Night closing performance of London’s own Iglesia Productions’ EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL here in London on April 12th so that all the WILD MAN … Continue reading

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Ginger Lynn NSFW #ss2014 Limited Edition Poster

Hey creeps! In addition to the Evil Dead the Musical on Saturday night and the Scumbag Soiree on Friday, all WILD MAN deluxe ticket holders get a pair of limited edition mini posters designed by some of the crew’s favorite … Continue reading

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The Devils that Disturb me, and the Angels that defeated them somehow…

Well its been a while and theres a bunch of shit that’s gone down. That design contest for ANGEL AND THE BEASTS ? Earl Kess won with a wicked wicked design. It was a tough second with Josh Schafer so … Continue reading

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CONTEST: Angel Poster Art Deadline tomorrow at midnight~!

Hey sickos the deadline to get your artwork to us is tomorrow at midnight so unless you wanna miss out you better get your ass in gear!

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CONTEST! Design a poster for a new release from Vagrant Video

Alrite all you computer-savvy weirdos out there, I got something to sink yer teeth into! Vagrant Video is releasing their next Hi Def Suckfest in the fall, the long lost but soon to be notorious 1970s epic ANGEL AND THE … Continue reading

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Shock Stock 2014 Already coming together… I had to tear down the old site and I posted a placeholder with a new countdown clock real fancy like. I’m so proud of myself.

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CONTEST! — Rock An Eye Patch and WIN!

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For real this time! Ol’ Jake hit the deadline with over 12 hours left in the day. Now, don’t start on me about glitches and bitches. Its rough ( it’s always rough… thats how we like it ) but theres … Continue reading

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Website? WEBSITE!!!

Hey all you breath holders and internet trolls alike! Its me, Grimbrother Jake!  It’s been a while and I tell you why …  James and I got thrust into international stardom shortly after our first bluray release, COLOUR CORRECT MY … Continue reading

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