Website Update – Laurence Harvey Added to ss2014~!

Hey just a quick update for you folks.

  • LAURENCE HARVEY (Human Centipede 2, H C 3) has been added to the official guest list for ss2014, as well as returning guest ANTHONY D.P. MANN ( Terror of Dracula, Ghostkeepers ) ! Hedo Rick has officially cancelled, but the show must go on, and we got Lawrence Harvey to staple, sew, and tack it all together!
  • Mann’s new film adaptation of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is having its WORLD PREMIERE at ss2014 !! Excited to unleash this accomplished film maker’s new vision onto the world! Specific screening time TBA.
  • EVIL DEAD The Musical and the SCUMBAG SOIREE added as well to the events page.
  • A clarification on the hotel page the rate is actually $120 per night at station park and that includes breakfast but NOT parking… parking is an additonal nominal fee for the stay. Still the best deal around and you get to party where we party…
  • Our official hooch sponsor has left us, once again… drunken idiots never get the good honey sponsors. We’ll find  another one that ain’t too scared to be attached to the REEL PARTY OF THE YEAR!
  • in case you didnt hear theres a contest where we’re randomly upgrading peoples EVIL DEAD tickets to SPLATTER ZONE for free. The tickets will be given in random draw of any and all wild man pass holders who buy their tickets on or before Feb 28th… Even if you’ve seen Evil Dead before on stage…. you have never experienced it like this, cause this time the splatter zone ACTUALLY IS ON THE STAGE! thats right you sit in the melee … get your tickets today at


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