Hello, Maniacs!  Official Statement time.

We here at SHOCK STOCK bought out 95% of the Saturday Night closing performance of London’s own Iglesia Productions’ EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL here in London on April 12th so that all the WILD MAN pass holders would get to go, on us, and enjoy the show. Its gonna be a bloody good time!

But you know what could be even better? How bout SPLATTER ZONE tickets!

Thats right cool kids! We didn’t realize that in buying the whole show out, we also got our hands on some of those oh so gory SPLATTER ZONE TICKETS! And since we love giving everything back to you, the fans, the only sensible thing to do is have a contest !!

SO …

We’re going to give away SPLATTER ZONE UPGRADES to random WILD MAN pass holders who purchase their tickets online between right now and Friday, Feb. 28th. Winners will be announced on March 3rd. Winners will receive an upgrade to SPLATTER ZONE on ALL of their purchased WILD MAN passes ( so if you got 10 passes you’d win the upgrade for all 10 )

Already got your wild man pass(es) ? You’re already entered! Just wait for the announcement on our facebook page and on this blog site.

The easiest way to get a hold of them tickets if you haven’t already is through our sales site

And WILD MAN PASSES are limited so act fast or lose your deluxe privileges and savings.

I gotta run, you gotta get your passes!

"hail to the king"

“hail to the king”



xoxo Jake ( scumbag #2 )

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