The Devils that Disturb me, and the Angels that defeated them somehow…

Well its been a while and theres a bunch of shit that’s gone down.

That design contest for ANGEL AND THE BEASTS ? Earl Kess won with a wicked wicked design. It was a tough second with Josh Schafer so we decided instead to make 2 limited edition pre release covers for Cinema Wasteland.

And the real shit happened with that release. First some of the regular drunken delays that happen with everything at scumbag HQ, but then ol’ Jake’s Macbook, along with the main hard drive with the working files for ANGEL, got stolen outta the Walmart parking lot.

So yeah, all the work for ANGEL AND THE BEASTS that was done is gone, and all the source files for the SHOCK STOCK website went along with it. Thats honestly why the site ain’t live yet.

But it will be live again, rebuilt on Dreamweaver 4 from the ground up with the same horrible navigation and everything else… Should be up in a day or two I got me some Rockstars and cranking the Twisted Sister…


Vendors will have contracts. 

Hotel code will be live.

Tickets will be on sale ( including the special WILD MAN ticket which for the extra $20 will be VERY worth it. )

And thats that. I’ve got less than a month before my wife pops out baby #3 so lets have 2013 rock on till the end!


Everyone wanting to celebrate XXXmas in Scumbag style get your ass down to Hideaway Records and Bar here in London on December 11th for the SHOCK STOCK ANNUAL ‘SSXMAS SPECTACULAR’ with special guest ZACK WARD who you may remember from RE: Apocalypse or Freddy vs Jason but in the name of Greasy Xmas Holiday Parties we honor Zack for his integral role of the big bag freckle faced bully Scut Farkas from the classic A CHRISTMAS STORY!


Free admission, open to everyone 19+

Zack will be signing autographs from 6-9pm then after that he may just stick around for some Christmas cheers and Christmas Beers!

And don’t forget ROCCO CLAUS!! Prizes, fun, and see your SS pals a few months early.


What more could you want!??!!


See you all there and expect regular updates again now that I’ve gotten sober…. until next time!




* There will be a nominal fee for autographs

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1 Response to The Devils that Disturb me, and the Angels that defeated them somehow…

  1. Jolima says:

    i love scumbags and I love xmas and do not love thieving punks, but i especially do not love walmart. anyways, thanks for the update man! – see you at the party

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