PVT: Protest! Outside of the Fringe 62-Hour Film Contest

When: March 2011

So, this isn’t your regular PVT post, these photos are not from a film event.. although they were taken *outside* of a film event, just not a Vagrancy one.  No, these photos were taken outside of a rather well known London event called the Fringe 62 Hour Film Contest, in which film makers are challenged to make a short film in only 62 hours.  Some of you may remember the Dirty Bird, and the mention of controversy.. well, Jake Grimbro doesn’t accept anything less than controversy.  Oh yeah, and his shirt is too small.

Return next Tuesday for another, actual, show.  I cheated this week, because in my defence, I have an infected wisdom tooth, which isn’t bringing me any wisdom, only intense amounts of pain.

All of these photos have been taken by myself, Rin Vanderhaeghe (Stitches, sweatereyes) some may have been taken by my partner but have been posted with permission.  I have decided to post these photos without my watermark on them, please feel free to use them for personal use (just credit me if you post them anywhere else!).

About sweatereyes

Hello, I am Rin Vanderhaeghe and I am a multi-media artist and work as a custom art framer. I am influenced by a wide variety of things, from kawaii to Grindhouse movies, to various themes of failure and suffering. I am also very interested in fairy tales, but I read a lot of pulp science fiction. Another common theme I work with includes memory and dreams. I live in a house with my life partner Hrafn and our cat Dante. My partner and I are becoming avid gardeners, and have been exploring London’s more natural environments. I have my BFA from Western, with a double major in Studio Art and Anthropology. Currently my partner and I are making plans towards moving to Toronto.
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