Website? WEBSITE!!!

Hey all you breath holders and internet trolls alike!

Its me, Grimbrother Jake! 

It’s been a while and I tell you why … 

James and I got thrust into international stardom shortly after our first bluray release, COLOUR CORRECT MY COCK , received its first review at the DAILY GRINDHOUSE

Its now in the top spot of the top ten sales at DIABOLIK DVD and is currently awaiting re-stocking… which are made with loving care by yours truly. I must say, its a time consuming task to package hundreds upon hundreds of DVDs and Blurays by hand. 

NOT ONLY THAT but there has been a HUGE project that has fallen into the laps of James, Myself, ROCCO, Duker, etc… that could potentially change the world as well.. Shock Stock is and will always be fan driven, though us Vagrants might be Hollywood fodder by this time next year ( I’m wearing sunglasses at night ). Nothing can change who we are or where we come from… but my wife would love to see me make a nickel or two off of something I’m involved in for once in my life… 

And through all these intense production talks and carpel-tunnel inducing labour, my poor hands have enough movement in them left to type, and so dammit I’m typing out a bunch of shit and I should tell you all that there will be a new and improved SHOCK STOCK 2013 website up on the interwebs WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS! 

Thats right! Ring in the new year with style. Check out the site on January 2nd and set your countdown clocks to APRIL 12, 2013!!! 

Hoo HAH!

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