PVT: the Evil Dead

April 30th 2011

Movie: the Evil Dead (with Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly and Hal Delrich in person!)

I don’t think this film needs an introduction by myself.  This is one of those iconic films that almost everyone knows, (whether or not they like it is a whole other story though).  Obviously I am in the camp of loving the Evil Dead.  I remember watching it as a kid and immediately dubbing it in my infinite movie knowledge (sarcastic) as “the best horror movie ever made”.  So I have a bias.  But, really this movie is about passionate film making.  Even though it has since reached cult status, it had humble beginnings and involved a significant amount of sweat and tears to make.

Watching one of my favourite movies of all time in 35mm was fantastic, watching it with four out of five of the actors of said film sitting literally behind you?  Well, what really made this event once in a lifetime was that we were still able to heckle all we wanted, and the laughs we heard from behind us… now that’s priceless.

With Shock Stock 2013’s guest list being announced in only a few more days.. who knows what crazy shenanigans and events will take place?

All of these photos have been taken by myself, Rin Vanderhaeghe (Stitches, sweatereyes) some may have been taken by my partner but have been posted with permission.  I have decided to post these photos without my watermark on them, please feel free to use them for personal use (just credit me if you post them anywhere else!).

About sweatereyes

Hello, I am Rin Vanderhaeghe and I am a multi-media artist and work as a custom art framer. I am influenced by a wide variety of things, from kawaii to Grindhouse movies, to various themes of failure and suffering. I am also very interested in fairy tales, but I read a lot of pulp science fiction. Another common theme I work with includes memory and dreams. I live in a house with my life partner Hrafn and our cat Dante. My partner and I are becoming avid gardeners, and have been exploring London’s more natural environments. I have my BFA from Western, with a double major in Studio Art and Anthropology. Currently my partner and I are making plans towards moving to Toronto.
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