SHOCK STOCK 2013 re-launch in ONE WEEK!!!

Hey, Jake here.
We’re planning on re-launching the website in about 10 days… so keep your eyes peeled.
Also, for you local bastards, we’re having a press conference this Sunday afternoon where we will be announcing some of the details for SS2013. The conference will allow us to address some of the issues brought to our attention from previous years such as

“why don’t you have video game kiosks set up for gamers? ”

“why aren’t there more fans dressed up like elfs from the war crafts?”

“what’s Rocco’s deal anyway ?”

And we will also be OFFICIALLY announcing the guests we have lined up for 2013 as well as some planned off-site events.

The event will be videotaped and loaded onto the OTS-2 satellite and distributed amongst the media outlets for their information as well.

Staff and Organizers of SS2013 couldn’t be more excited and a special discounted ticket will be available to the first who order theirs for the upcoming show.

Also the official Shock Stock Tweeter will Tweety the Twat and if you keep checking online on Sunday we’ll be announcing the guests and other stuff on there.

The Countdown Begins!

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