August 28th 2010.

Movie: I Spit on Your Grave, AKA: Day of the Woman.  (with Camille Keaton in person)

Rape/ Revenge movies tend to have a bad rap.  I Spit On Your Grave is no exception, and it certainly brings lots of rape and revenge to the movie viewing table.  Camille Keaton stars in this classic, and we even had the joy of her presence during this event (which, was kind of weird at the time, to be watching, and *enjoying* this movie in which she almost always naked and includes a twenty-five minute rape scene, supposedly one of the longest rape scenes in film history).  Hailed as being (one of) the worst movies ever made by Roger Ebert, I think he meant one of the hardest movies to actually sit through in its entirety.  In fact, this is the only movie that my partner has had to actually step out of the theatre for, due to length and amount of rape (and he tends to be one of the loudest and most brutal of the hecklers).   However, in the movie’s defence there is also a whole lot of revenge, it deserves the tag line of: This woman has just cut, chopped, broken and burned five men beyond recognition… but no jury in America would ever convict her! (although I think there was only four men?)

After the screening, we were delighted with an interview of Camille Keaton by Art Ettinger (editor of Ultra Violent magazine) and Q and A session.  Some fans had great questions, some fans seemed to be fishing for some uncomfortable confessions from Camille (but she took it with great stride).

I have decided to do this show in particular, because sadly, the Toronto Underground where this even took place, will be closing its doors soon.   This is a theatre was started by, ran by and supported by fans of cinema.  Next Saturday (September 8th 2012), Vagrancy will be having one last screening at the Toronto Underground: So Come With Emanuelle.  If you’re in Toronto, or can get to Toronto Saturday night, I really recommend going.  I’m sadly stuck in London and won’t be attending, so other people will have to pick up the slack and take some goddamn photos.

All of these photos have been taken by myself, Rin Vanderhaeghe (Stitches, sweatereyes) some may have been taken by my partner but have been posted with permission.  I have decided to post these photos without my watermark on them, please feel free to use them for personal use (just credit me if you post them anywhere else!).

About sweatereyes

Hello, I am Rin Vanderhaeghe and I am a multi-media artist and work as a custom art framer. I am influenced by a wide variety of things, from kawaii to Grindhouse movies, to various themes of failure and suffering. I am also very interested in fairy tales, but I read a lot of pulp science fiction. Another common theme I work with includes memory and dreams. I live in a house with my life partner Hrafn and our cat Dante. My partner and I are becoming avid gardeners, and have been exploring London’s more natural environments. I have my BFA from Western, with a double major in Studio Art and Anthropology. Currently my partner and I are making plans towards moving to Toronto.
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