Friday Grindhouse Gourmet

Hey folks!

I blew my grocery budget this week on my kids birthday party and long weekend hooch, so today we’re doin the GG ( short for grindhouse gourmet) on the cheap.
After all, it’s good to live like a bum once in a while… You know the kind.. Drifting from town to town using lies to get a place to sleep… Eatin’ leftover fries from plates at Sneaky Dees.. Pissin on kitchen floors.. Bouncin cheques.. Ya know.. Bums..

Well today I proved that you can eat on a bum’s budget and still look at yourself in the mirror afterwards, so don’t do any of that other bum stuff…


What you need :

– pack of ramen ( $0.25 )
– spicy red pepper sauce ($1.00 but makes 10 portions)
– dollar store salad olives ($1.00 but again, use it 10 times)

step one

Cook and drain ramen.

step two

Add the spicy shit and olives and pack of seasoning and stir.

step three

Eat like a bum.. But it ain’t bad!

So if you calculate the shit and the other shit its about 45 cents a bowl..

Spend the rest of your money on my favorite, a big ass can of steeler, and go back to work bummin change..

Have a great long weekend!



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