May 29th, 2009.

Movie: Anita
Otherwise known as: Anita the Swedish Nymphet, Anita: the Shocking Account of a Young Nymphomaniac, or Anita: From the Diary of a Teenage Girl.

Anita, a movie about a teenage nymphomaniac in Sweden, starring the beautiful Christina Lindberg in the leading role (of course).  I think this movie is about her attempting to overcome her sex addiction, or was it her embracing sex by finding love, I don’t really know.  It didn’t really matter at the time, between all the sexy scenes and heckling for more boobs.

Somehow, I managed to take no screen shots during this event.  I was unsure whether or not to make this my first post due to the lack of movie shots, but it includes a lot of great shots of people there.  This is why I decided to make Anita my first post.  Yes, Vagrancy is all about the movie, the film.  But what made the shows into events was the crowd.  They are like a handful of skittles.  You never know if someone will be expecting to sit down and enjoy a beautiful art film (people get angry in theatres when they expect it to be quiet I guess).  But, have a great group of people who are all there for the same reason and what could be a regular theatre experience is transformed into glorious grindhouse.  (Well every show turned out that way regardless of how many people didn’t like it)

So raise your drinks (that have been carefully poured into plastic bottles or discreetly mixed into a massive theatre pop), yell a good “fuck you Jerry”, and you might as well enjoy the show, ’cause there’s no fucking refunds.

This is my first post on the VHS Swap Blog, and the first post in a new series of Tuesday posts I am dubbing “Photo Vault Tuesdays”.  Every Tuesday I will be posting coverage from different Vagrancy Events, this will take many forms including: lobby shots, theatre shots, screen shots of trailers and movies, crazy contests and even crazier antics.  I have to apologize in advance, some shows include hundreds (literally) while others have none at all.  I will blame the copious amounts of booze consumed on those nights.  Also, if you are wondering who this bitch is posting this, I’m Katie, also known as “Stitches”, the girl in the (usually) crazy outfit running around with a camera.  I have been attending Vagrancy events since January 2008 (Flesh for Frankenstein baby). I look forward to continuing these posts, they give me a great excuse to revisit some really blurry memories.  I have decided to post these photos without my watermark on them, please feel free to use them for personal use (just credit me if you post them anywhere else!).

About sweatereyes

Hello, I am Rin Vanderhaeghe and I am a multi-media artist and work as a custom art framer. I am influenced by a wide variety of things, from kawaii to Grindhouse movies, to various themes of failure and suffering. I am also very interested in fairy tales, but I read a lot of pulp science fiction. Another common theme I work with includes memory and dreams. I live in a house with my life partner Hrafn and our cat Dante. My partner and I are becoming avid gardeners, and have been exploring London’s more natural environments. I have my BFA from Western, with a double major in Studio Art and Anthropology. Currently my partner and I are making plans towards moving to Toronto.
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1 Response to PHOTO VAULT TUESDAYS : Anita

  1. Things look a little sedate at this showing. When I saw EL TOPO the guys wrestling at front weren’t doing DDTs, it was shoot flying elbow smashes.
    Great pix
    Keep up the good work.

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