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Any suggestions for more vids next week send em in a comment, or email us at info@shock-stock.com


This week, one of the greatest bands on the planet THE DARKNESS release their first album since they broke up in 2005. Bilo and I went to see them in February and let me tell you they haven’t skipped a beat. Their new album , HOT CAKES is almost as good as a hot soaker and even the cover of the album is adorned with horny, syrupy broads.

Have a listen to a new track. And see ’em live. And buy the album don’t download it.

Filmmaker, Game Desginer, and All Around Fun Guy™ Brad Mills is a huge supporter of Shock Stock, and last year his film THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER closed out the weekends festivities. Audiences loved the throwback to the cheeseball 80’s and today we show a little love ourselves. Here’s the trailer. I have a feeling there’s some news coming down the wire about this gem.. so keep your eyes and ears open!

And last up is a video the Vagrants did way back for our 3 year anniversary show… back when our ambition was high and our schedules were open… get those toes tappin’ for the nights on broadway!

Thats it. Its a good way to kill some time. Watch these videos and comment all you want.

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