A shit load of video content to make you warm and fuzzy. watch and comment.

Any suggestions for more vids next week send em in a comment, or email us at


And now for some KING DIAMOND .. in 8 bit nintendo style… Damn I loved those old cartridges and the shitty music but you gotta have a new appreciation for the form cause theres about 3 million kick ass tunes that some nerd made with his computer to sound like it kicked ass in the background of Cobra Triangle.

Back in ’08 , James and Jake got some small scale attention with a fake trailer for what could possibly have been the greatest movie of the year if it actually got done.. who knows why we didn’t …  here’s a shit load of outtakes!

Our good friend BILL ZEBUB has sent us a copy of his new doc “KING OF THE B MOVIES” and once it arrives I’ll be reviewing it as the first DVD review for this site.

Here’s an extended clip of the film. Be sure to check out Bill’s other films either at Shock Stock or grab a few titles and bring em home to watch and masturbate to in the privacy of your own home. Oh and check out me, Jake Grimbrother, sitting on a panel with Bill in one of the scenes.. he got me on that panel. C0ol guy.

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