Alright so I need to start a Thursday post and I will try and keep steady with it.


I’ll post some good shit and you all can watch and comment.

Any suggestions for more vids next week send em in a comment, or email us at

First up! Trailer for one of my favorite films from the Anatolian Peninsula :



Next up is Shock Stock Superstarlet Lianne Spiderbaby with a new episode of FRIGHT BYTES featuring Cannibal Films. If you haven’t checked out this web series yet we’ll be posting all the new episodes and some classic old ones as the weeks go by.

We were posting every monday for James’ radio bits but I got lazy so here’s a couple I didn’t post as a double dose… we’ll start posting em again on Mondays starting next week.

And last but not least a treat for fans in the US .. in a few days our good pal Chad Archibald’s film NEVERLOST hits DVD shelves. Check it out HERE.

Those of you in Canada can or have already grabbed this gem.  Trailer below.

Thats it. Its a good way to kill some time. Watch these videos, follow these cool people, and comment all you want.

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