That’s the one, folks.

 J.F. Martel:  you have branded us as the “filthiest” horror convention in Canada. Thanks for the kind words. We’re delving into ‘no no’ territory with a name like that, but truth be told I like it.

Everybody likes being called a name now and again, and we’re a convention that doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. Or a lot dirty. Dirty Birdy.

You win a signed “Ladies of the Evil Dead” poster and the prestige of knowing you got to name call the kings of cons for 2013.

For everyone else,  here’s a video called “dirty bird” that I made in 2009. Also greasy.


I assume you all have been wondering why we don’t update etc etc… well theres nothing to update about right now. All will be revealed at once, and Bilo has sworn off of the Facebook leaks and hints. That and we have something so monumental planned that it’s going to be too much for the internet. Announcement on the announcement date coming soon.

Until then let me harass you all about a new project I’m working on called ROCCO THE BARBARIAN which is going to be my feature directorial debut ( I co-directed another film in 2004 but let’s not talk about it, and that short up there I did but this is hopefully a real movie right here… )

It’s still in the early stages of pre-production, with the actual filming taking place likely after SS2013 happens, but we’re building a nice little indigo jojo page to con-vince people to help finance this endeavour. Despite me bringing all your favourite celebrities to you and putting on a weekend of crazy good times once a year, the truth is I’m a broke son of a bitch.

So I’ll be begging for change online, but not until I get a little video up to give you a taste of what this movie will entail. I’ll be posting all that soon, and until then have a look at the ROCCO THE BARBARIAN Facebook page here !!! 


And that’s what I’ve been up to lately…

James, on the other hand, has been busy with his FM96 “MONDAY MOVIE HANGOVER” bits which they’ve respectfully changed the name from massacre due to the incidents in the USA.

I haven’t been posting them maybe I’ll have to do that tomorrow if you all haven’t already seen his posts on twitter, FB, etc. .


Anyways, contest is officially over and we’re FILTHY until 2014.  Cheers!


PS: Random entries will be sent cool stuff too.. and some people will get stuff that’s not so cool. Mailed out by the end of the week.

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