FRIDAY THE 13TH !!! Don’t be unlucky…

Hey folks!

We are getting ready to start working on April’s biggest party weekend and if you guys wanna jump the gun and get your room at the Station Park we got the cheap rooms reserved on the sale block. Just call 1.800.561.4574 and tell them you want to reserve a room on the “Shock Stock Block”..  Great rate, free parking and breakfast. Cram as many as you can into a room ( just don’t tell em we said so) and be ready cause when this years guest list drops you’re gonna wish you booked ahead. No charges now on your card so no risk…

Web code coming soon..

I’ll give you a hint on a couple of the stars we got lined up: One’s name rhymes with”Taco” and he’s a loud and obnoxious regular SS host … and the other is a regular in Bill Zebub’s movies.

Shh don’t try and decipher the hints .. wait till the big announcement.

We’re going to try and do something different this year again by announcing everything and launching the site, putting tickets on sale, etc.  all at once. We’ll be holding a press conference at Station Park in the fall and will keep you all informed as to when that will be… possibly going to have it taped or live if we can figure how to do that.. computer idiots over here… if you know how to do this shit and wanna intern for free email us here.

Also vendors get on the mailing list and let us know you want first dibs! We got a couple straight shootin dudes already but if you want a spot just EMAIL US and let us know. Last year we ended up sellin out space so it’ll be happening again. Don’t miss out.

And to top off this little update, let me leave you with a nice pic from the


Thats us, the mutha’ fuckin’ MAD FOXES and we took home the top prize. Shock Stock representin’ and blowin the competition away. Just like everything else we do.

I’ll tell ya those Sin Labs guys sure know how to put an event on.. hope they got something special planned for SS2013 .. and you better believe next year’s CAR CAPER is gonna be a riot. We challenge you to put a team in, and trust us when we say we’ll be bringin our A game..

Until next time… when we announce the winner of the contest. It’ll be Monday. Over the weekend I might post more shit we need to catch up on.

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