CONTEST: We’re Not Alone…

Well folks, once upon a time Shock Stock was labelled “Canada’s Only Horror Convention” by our fans and supporters.

That day is over.

No, I’m not talking about some other show that rolls in on the coat tails of a Comic Book show or a movie festival. I learned of another kick ass horror con happening in the Great White North.


September 22 to 23rd 2012

I guess it happened last year too but I was probably too drunk from that big wine tasting tour I went on to check the internet…

Also weekend passes are $20 ! Makes us look like fools!

They just announced their first guest the lovely and wonderful LINNEA QUIGLEY whom we all know is a gem at conventions and loves the fans.. Awesome to hear she’s gettin’ back up to Canada.


Point of this is we no longer are “Canada’s Only Horror Convention”.   We need a new moniker.

I asked James and he said it should be ” Ladies send photos of your gussets” and it just doesn’t have the same ring to it…  So this is where we ask you, the fans, to come up with a new moniker or tag line for SS2013.

Post it here in the comments. Post it on our official facebook page HERE. Or email it to and come up with something good.
Winner gets something cool and the title of “Person who thought of that thing.”

We’ll pick the best ones then you guys will vote etc etc.  Deadline for submitting a title is .. I dunno… next Friday, June 22.

Tell your friends. Also tell the internet Trolls.

More News coming soon..

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6 Responses to CONTEST: We’re Not Alone…

  1. René Boulet says:

    canada`s first and finest horror convention!simple and effective!

  2. Jeff McNair says:

    Canada’s original horror convention! – Jeff with the Annual Calgary Horror Con.

  3. undeadkyle says:

    Shock Stock – The Only Horror Con That Fuckin’ Matters


    For the Freaks, by the Freaks.

  4. #1sawfan says:

    LMAO how buot SHOCK STOCK -The Horror con for real horror fanz!! Or Shock Stock-SEX! LOL The wil get theur attention!!!!!

  5. #1superfan says:

    Shock Stock- Free Hat

  6. Rich Clement says:

    The Grindhouse where Horror & Exploitation Live!

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