Friday lunch with the Grindhouse Gourmet

Alright I’ll admit it.. I’m a sad sack too..

Sometimes I’m too cheap to buy food so I make up shit from what’s I got.

These make for some good recipes sometimes so I’m gonna start posting them for the world to try.

Today we’re making a sandwich I like to call the KING JAKE.

Two slices of bread go on the toaster oven tray.

Side one:
– salami (not rotten)
– sliced tomato
– dash of salt
– yellow mustard ( or honey mustard if you’re a wimp)

Side two: ( this ones the money side)
– salami (again)
– pickled turnip
– spoonful of cottage cheese

Toast and serve with a side of stale chips ( or in today’s case, cheesies)

Your welcome, mouth.


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