Alright, we went through everything over the weekend and picked the winners at random from those who entered and those who we had creeped their info from the online ticket purchase.

Winners announced at the bottom of the post. You should receive an email today with details from somebody. Cheers!

Heres some pics and juicy quotes from the contestants:

” First day I wasn’t able to make due to work obligations but after a stern reminder from James to get my crack down there I was London bound on Saturday…”

” … whole bag of pepperettes on the floor. I couldn’t resist the smell so I ate one.”

“I was waiting for the Q&A to start and I felt a hand creep on my shoulder and suddenly I was in a death grip. Yep, Kane Hodder is a strong guy.. ”

“.. so I grabbed my magic marker and wrote ‘fuck fuck’  on the side of the car.. hahah whatever.”


  • Hayley A.
  • J.F. Martel
  • Daragh H.
  • Julie D.
  • Bradley M.
  • Shayne M.
  • Kyle S.
  • Mike G.

Congrats! Keep checkin back as we’ll be giving more shit away to both our loyal fans and also sad sacks will get a chance sometime….


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