Jake Grimbrother’s Birthday CONTEST!!

Hey! It’s my birthday today! Dirty Thirty!

Here’s how we roll…. on my birthday, YOU get presents!

Thats right! I’m giving away some swag, some cool shit indeed!

I can’t remember if I told you all this, but when ARI LEHMAN cancelled Shock Stock 2012 he himself was devastated. He loves his fans and wanted to make sure he showed SS some love, so he sent up some autographed pics!

So I’m giving away some autographed ARI LEHMAN photos!


Heres the kicker… you gotta be a SS2012 weekend pass holder…

If you paid via paypal you already qualify cause I got your name and info.

If you bought it elsewhere, pray you still got a stub and send me a pic of you holding it, a pic of yer ticket, a thorough description of your experience being a weekend pass holder, or any other proof.


Winners chosen at random. Deadline for entry is this Friday, May 4th at 10pm.  Winners will be exploited on this site, so keep your stories or pics interesting.

xoxo – Jake Grimbrother

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1 Response to Jake Grimbrother’s Birthday CONTEST!!

  1. Gabriel Carrer says:

    You all better do this!

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