Fuck Vagrancy Films

FUCKING HELL the event is only a couple short weeks away and NO UPDATES on the website?!

And I haven’t updated this blog of course since I’ve been FIRED from my internship… So what if I spent the advertising money on a precious whore… There’s nothin illegal about that!! (anymore)

I have had control over the login info here and have kept it locked so I’ll unblock you Jake and James.. Not that it’ll make a difference.

What the shit man, this whole thing is starting to stink. I sure as shit won’t be buying advance tix, can’t say I trust these shenanigans one bit.

And what about Twitter? Only one or two posts a day? And no constant updates on Facebook?

Pathetic. Learn to communicate in the 21st fucking century. Greg the intern out.

About Greg The Intern

I am a volunteer for shock stock. I think its the best job in the world.
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3 Responses to Fuck Vagrancy Films

  1. Hey fuckface! Last I heard in the 21st century speaking face to face was still a viable form of communication.
    And who said anything about being fired? James and I honestly couldn’t remember your name and that’s why we didn’t call.

    Call me crazy but updating the site every ten minutes with spam about our $100 VIP experience isn’t going to make a difference on whether or not our shenanigans aren’t going to be the knockout party of the year.

    Good riddance, you pencil dick. If you’d rather blog about how two “real men” are working 7 days a week instead of engaging a bunch of sad sacks constantly so they don’t forget about the show cause of their 30 sec attention span, then youre probably better off searching for a good torrent of “Hell Up In Harlem” while the rest of us watch a glorious 16mm print in the dark with Black Ceasar himself..

  2. #1sawfan says:

    LOL! Dis isgonna b 1 crayzy festeval!! I like Gred the 1intern butt even I ROFLMFAO’d @ Jack Gimbo’s replY!

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