Shock Stock News – Jan 25

Hey people,

SHOCK STOCK 2012 is looking to be a pretty badass event, and we’re hoping bigger and better is the way to do it.

If anyone is interested in joining the team ( there are perks including a free SS weekend pass and some swag ) please send resume or make up an application and send it to and we’ll start interviews sometime next month.

Also, Vendor and Exhibitor spaces are filling up but we’re in the process of re-vamping the layout to better utilize the space. So there may be more room. Tell your buddies in the con circuit that they better get their shit together. Find the info HERE.

We’ve added some guests to the list ( not on the official site… we’re protesting SOPA or something like that…. yeah, thats it.. we were protesting it before it was the cool thing to do. ) and on this blog site you can check out the full list. Just added are Euro Legends GERETTA GERETTA and BOBBY RHODES (best known to the Vagrants for their platinum performances in Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS) and also Canucksploitation Icon and owner of Elsinore brewery LYNNE GRIFFIN. We’ve also posted some of the staples of Shock Stock, our family of celebrity guests that just can’t get enough and are coming back for seconds, including indie filmmakers, writers, and all around sexy people.

Finally, we’re making some changes in the schedule for SHOCK STOCK, and adding even more FREE events and screenings. Aside from our infamous INTERNATIONAL CINEMA SCREENING ROOM, we’ll be adding a second screening room! That means more sin-sational cinema, more independent screenings, and more 16mm sleaze with the help of our good friends at the TRASH PALACE!

Once the screening and events schedule is in your hand, you will shit yourself. Its gonna be that fucking great… Canada isn’t ready for this kinda treatment at a convention.

More info coming soon.

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